Any requests anyone?

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Sara Sieppi, the “new” Miss Suomi 2011 (after Pia Pakarinen gave up her title)

Thanks for the request geneva-diva!

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Sofi Oksanen, writer

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Kiira Korpi, figure skater

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Suvi Teräsniska, singer

Photo by Aki Roukala

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Saara Sihvonen, fashion model

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Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto, model

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Anna Nevala, model

Photo by Maria Mölko

(Source: desperateneedofchanel, via desperateneedofchanel)

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Saara Sihvonen, professional fashion model

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New faces coming soon!

I’ve just realised that we had an e-mail address as a contact as well (…), so I checked if we got any mail, and it turned out we got some requests via mail, so I’m gonna post some new photos now! Sorry for being late, but I never would’ve thought that anyone would actually write e-mails instead of messages here on tumblr :)

From now on I’ll check our gmail more often, so feel free to send requests/messages/comments there as well!

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